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  • Do you have any plans to make a similar smart IR transmitter that can emulate remotes? Maybe with an OTG cable and Android app?

    Maybe to let my phone control the TV at work since the remote here is getting worn out keys and is unreliable?

    Just an idea. :)


  • Minor detail, but it looks like the isolation diodes are shown backwards in the 3D image on the website.

  • It has been working as advertised with a Photon for some time. But I'm wanting to add a voltage divider to detect when the power from the DC plug is lost. A simple resistor voltage divider to, say D4, would allow detection of power failure from the external 5V supply; the isolation diodes are already present. An idea to add for the future? Maybe for now I'll just solder resistors onto the board. Thanks.

  • The Lumenati 8 has been great to use - for demonstration purposes. But now I'm looking to use it in a project where I need the mechanical mounting information. But I don't see any physical size drawings or hole locations relative to the interface pins. Is there a PDF mechanical drawing for the stick showing the mounting hole layout and dimensions relative to the interface pins so I can securely mount the board(s)? Thanks.

  • Curious as to the power of this jet engine and/or a part number. Is it from an APU? if so, what is the rating of the generator output? Also curious where the speed sensor is; assuming it is on one of the shafts after some gear reduction and not on the actual turbine rotor shaft that I read can hit 100,000 rpm or more.

  • Did somebody order their pillows "to go"?

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