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  • Many of these comments are old so I wanted to add some from Jan 2013. I got my kit and assembled it in 2 one hour sessions. The assembly directions are online and easy enough to follow. It’s small - double check that screen size - but looks like it will be easy to find a container for it. Everything fit fine, the components were easy to fit into the spaces and it went well. I was a little concerned with some of the older comments here but it seems the problems have been smoothed out.

    Like others have mentioned, some of the solder pads are small so a steady hand and a magnifying glass to inspect are needed.

    The only shortcoming I saw is that there are no directions I could find for hooking the “probe” to the scope. It should be simple enough - 2 wires to solder - but it’s been long enough since I have used a ‘scope that I can’t remember if polarity for the leads matter.

    Overall, a fun little kit to build.

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