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  • In my defense, I tried to do some background research. Have you been able to find anything about the FLiR One that mentions its resolution? Because I can't. Sure it mentions that it uses the "Lepton core", but there could be several sensors with the same name.

    A friend investigating the FLiR One had mentioned that it has a lower resolution. I tried to corroborate this, but could not. So I should not have posted.

  • The FLiR One has a much lower resolution. The price compares favorably to other 80x60 resolution devices. <- This is incorrect. I was mistaken.

  • Small point, but I think you mean "perpendicular" instead of "parallel" in the following line: "Try to keep the header as parallel to the board as possible and solder one of the edge pins."

    Will be trying out the guide soon!

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