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  • The chip costs ~$12 in single quantities, not sure if that qualifies as "very expensive". High end FPGAs can run 10k/ea.
    That is quite an interesting website though.

  • I second the request. Unfortunately that is the only item on my list that I cannot get from SF so the entire order will be going to Digikey :(
    I try to support SF whenever I buy items for work (and our purchasing dept seems to like your ordering system more) but it is a bigger hassle to order from two sites, especially if I am splitting a $500 order into a $495 order and a $5 order.

  • NewsparkFunCusty: _
    Air has an attenuation of about .15 dB per meter on avg(I think). So at 10khz, maybe 1/3 total distance vs. air.
    Seems possible. I gotta do some tests in the tub now._
    So when you receive a TV broadcast from a transmitter 10 miles away the loss is around 2500 dB? Do satcom links overcome tens of thousands of dB??
    negative. This is not how RF energy propagates.

  • disabling automatic loading of images would have helped significantly. thought for next time.

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