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  • Awesome! I found this on my first hit on this topic. Don't get me wrong, I WILL be doing this in my project. However, I'm asking myself ... Am I just building an R/C car and if so, why would I even bother with an Arduino!? :-) As far as miixing ideas, mine will use the Y axis to control the throttle and X axis will determine the percentage mix of left and right motors ... i.e. hard left or right will be 100% one motor. R/C transmitters these days can program mixing and rates. I think the X/Y mix will be in the Arduino and the exponential rates would be easier to adjust in the transmitter. Exponential follows an logarithmic scale vs a linear scale.

    Another mix you could use your brain. You'd control with 2 sticks like a bobcat or zero-turn lawn mower. That would be cool because you could have one motor forward and the other reverse to do a spin in place.

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