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  • I hoped that since only a couple people complained about this, maybe it wasn't so bad, or it was fine after they aired out for a while, or maybe there was a bad batch. Nope. I let these sit outside for about a week, and I still had to wrap them in cling-wrap to mitigate the smell. I'm probably going to get lots of cancer from these things.

  • I had a lot of trouble getting this to accept code. Not sure why, since my Arduino Uno works fine. I'm running Fedora 19 (Linux), and Arduino 1.0.5. Even after reinstalling the bootloader it was pretty hit and miss. What I ended up doing was uploading code directly, using my Arduino Uno:

    Follow the steps here for hooking up your Pro Micro and your Arduino Uno. A couple tips that I didn't see mentioned, but that could be helpful:

    • You have to upload the "Arduino ISP" sketch to your Arduino Uno first (make sure to select the Arduino Uno as the target board!)
    • In the table saying which wires to hook up, the D14, etc pins are actually just the labeled pins of that number. I thought it was strange that they were prefixed by a D.
    • To actually upload code, not the bootloader, you do all the same things, except instead of uploading to the bootloader, go to File -> Upload using Programmer. This will wipe the bootloader altogether. Make sure you're connected via USB to your Arduino Uno, but that you have ProMicro selected as your target board. Note that after you do this, you definitely won't be able to upload code directly to your Pro Micro via USB, without reburning the bootloader. All the HID stuff still works, though.
  • in the video it said these take 12 volts, but here it says 3-3.4. which is it?

    also, the datasheet says 16 mA -- is that for the whole string, or each individual LED?

  • FYI, currently, you can get this plus header pins and a potentiometer at the link below, for the same price.