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  • Thanks for checking! I have since gotten the white latching version of this button but haven’t pulled it out to test it myself.

  • I don’t actually have one of these, but it sounds like C1 is connected to NO1 when the button is pressed, and C1 to NC1 when the button isn’t pressed. (NC = normally closed, NO = normally open, C = common?)

    As for the LED, the datasheet says 5V but it is unclear if there is a resistor inside already. Based on the picture with all the lights lit up, it looks like you can connect 5V straight to the pins, but you could add a 200-300 ohm resistor in series if you want to be safe. If the LED doesn’t come on, you can switch the pin polarity since it could be backwards.

  • Not sure if it still matters, but anyone who might be wondering as well, the datasheet appears to show 5A max. I was only able to decipher “electric current” from the row with all 5’s. Also, the pin sizes appear to be 1.5mm, the nearest AWG wire size safely allows 4.7A for power transmission, so it seems likely the datasheet is saying 5A. Anyone who can read Chinese might be able to confirm.

  • Does this unit absolutely need an Arduino after the station is set in the register? I’d like to set the station and then have just the board output the audio without the Arduino needing to be still attached.

    EDIT: it will not remember the station after powering down. You do need an Arduino to set the station each time it is powered.