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  • On my raspberry pi 3 and raspbian with pixel, my raspi-config has the option for i2c/spi under a header that is not on your diagram called "interfacing options" rather than the advanced options on your image

    Whole thing still didn't work though. Red square, no video feed, pulling and replacing module did nothing.

  • The viewpoint that the Edison's CPU is less powerful because it's core speed is lower is extremely uneducated, benchmarks (ie http://www.davidhunt.ie/raspberry-pi-beaglebone-black-intel-edison-benchmarked/ ) have put the edison around 5 times faster in CPU terms which makes this an extremely misleading article. It would be nice if someone could fix it for the author and maybe explain to them why they shouldn't judge different architecutres on core speed.

  • It was physically painful hearing someone from a technology store refer to the processing power of two completely different architectures entirely by clock speed. "500MHz seems a little bit slow considering that your phone right now probably has an over 1GHz processor on board" is a statement with no value, considering most phones are ARM especially. For reference, the raspberry pi which has a 700MHz processor performs drastically slower (~2.5 times) than a single 500MHz core of the Edison, according to this benchmark http://www.davidhunt.ie/raspberry-pi-beaglebone-black-intel-edison-benchmarked/

    I know it's just an advertising video but this really shouldn't be done

  • Would never use something like this designed for iOS, it's far too closed and objective c is really painful to work in. Maybe if this was for Android or even Windows Phone, but there's no way I could see myself working on drones with an iOS device.

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