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  • This is very cool, but it seems that power usage will be very high. I can't believe that a 850mAh battery would last more than 2-3 wash cycles given that you have wifi enabled during the entire wash and you are continually sending data to the Blynk API. Also, it seems you would need to physically disconnect the battery to stop it draining power in between washes.

    I did not see this tutorial before making my own accelerometer based washing machine sensor which works in a similar way but will be much lower power. My sensor will last about 2-3 months before recharging. See the project I made here:

  • No it cannot. You have to create a voltage divider and wire it into one of the ADCs. Otherwise, the Adafruit HUZZAH32 – ESP32 Feather DOES have an onboard voltage divider hardwired into one of the ADCs.

  • I don't know about your first question. To answer your second question, yes you can connect your battery to the VBAT and GND terminals. Plugging a power source into the usb port will charge the battery (the charge light will turn on).

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