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  • Any chance that Sparkfun could provide this with an SMA connector so that it could be connected to the Venus GPS breakout board?
    Or, do you think that the solder pads are similar enough to the SMA connector’s solder pads on the Venus GPS breakout board that it could be connected directly to that board?

  • Wrong again. The problem was bad 3.3V and ground supply resulting in data corruption. Hence, the need for CS to be deasserted every time so that it syncs up. With a stable supply and ground, it works properly without CS being deasserted for every sent byte.

  • Replying to myself. I managed to get the LCD to work. The problem was with the SAM7’s SPI hardware not deasserting the chip-select line between transfers. See my post in the support forum for more details:

  • Did you manage to get it working in the end? I have the same problem, except I’m using an ARM microcontroller. I ordered my LCD screen plus breakout board in Feb 2010. It’s pretty much the same except the protective cover has a green tab. The only thing that works is the back-light. It doesn’t respond to any command.

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