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  • Your description says that has a Vf of 2 volts. But at that voltage all it does is slowly vary the intensity of the red. If you read the data sheet it says Vdd is more like 4.5 volts … at which voltage it actually makes colors and does neat stuff.

  • Hey Sparkfun -
    I have been a customer since 2006. Thanks for the loyalty money and for the great promotion. There sure are a lot of people out there who don’t get it.

  • The minimum 0.1 megabit is based on the receiver. Worth mentioning here, but should be attributed to the receiver circuitry.

  • Conflicting information on the minimum data rate. The data sheet says DC to 15 megabits. Why the comment “Remember the minimum rate data rate for these is 0.1Mbps”?

  • One of the three 1uF caps is marked on the board, but not shaded in the assembly drawing.

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