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  • It Comes with an IR filter in place. Here is Hack to remove.

  • Did you take additional precautions to wrap the storage medium in Lead, steel ETC? If you do happen to enter a area with high neutron radiation solid state memory can become corrupted. Additional a redundant storage would also be a good idea.

  • My concern was that people understand that USB 2 and USB 3, A connecters look the same but internally are different.

    With USB 3 A sockets becoming a widely available on new PC's an understanding that USB 2 A connectors work fine in USB 3 A sockets.

  • No USB 3 in your guide?

  • My current project is making 2 IMPee's a Sensor and a display. The sensor IMPee is going to have solar cell to keep a super-capacitor or battery charged and transmit data to IMP cloud. The display IMPee will have an e-Paper display and poll the cloud for updates.

    With the IMP's sleep mode and very low power requirements it is perfect for both of these applications. Hoping the e-Paper display back-order ends soon on Sparkfun.

    FYI: Electric IMP app runs fine on iPod touch 2nd gen. They go for $40 on ebay.

  • The point of the IMP is to connect commercial products to smart phone APPS. Not having a smart phone would sort of defeat purpose. Developers in the IMP beta forums have come up with a way to blink IMP using using a Computer but there is no support.

  • As a Electric IMP beta tester I can see the value of this system. Lets give an example.

    You buy a new Oven with Electric IMP capability. you can use it as a regular oven but if you buy an IMP it adds cool features. You blink the IMP your your WIFI SSID and password using the Electric IMP App then insert into oven.

    Then you download oven Manufactures. Create an account and enter your ovens serial number. Since the Oven has a ID chip corresponding to the the oven's serial number the IMP that is inserted in oven is connected to your account

    Now in the oven's app you can monitor your ovens temp, change temp, maybe see pic of contents ETC..

    The Electric IMP provides a simple standard for connecting commercial products to the internet through your homes wifi.

    The complexity of adding internet access and supporting the result in a product is greatly reduced by using IMP.

  • Oh Forrest Mims I remember you in 1980's when you made books or radio shack. You got me started.

  • What can you use as a mold release for Polymorph?

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