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  • It would be awesome if they could gauge specific projects/people and help sponsor them, but it's nearly impossible to do without being biased or come under attack in some way from some group.
    I applaud SF's efforts, and thank them for the chance to try. It really was a lot of fun and broke my normal work routine into something fun and worth fighting for. Though I was one of the people who honest to gosh never saw the website (not sure how anyone did really), I'm not going to say they owe me a living, or that their IT sucks--it was a crapshoot people, and the SA's learned a lot as well and they admitted it.
    Hopefully maybe sometime this year I can find some extra money in the budget to get an Arduino and have fun with it, until then I'll just keep tinkering with what I have and dumpster diving and grabbing parts from stuff.
    SparkFun, thanks again for the chance, hopefully you guys do even better this year than in past years!

  • If you're planning and relying on a lottery's chance.. you're not PLANNING you're HOPING.
    Broke college student? I hear you. Trust me, I hear you, and I know it hurts. But if you can't find a way to save $100 or earn it or just get donations from people, to save your thesis project doctorate whatever.. you might want to reconsider your situation in life and what your priorities really are. And yes, there are "genuinely unable to make any extra room in their pockets" people, but I doubt those people are the ones going "woe is me, FML".
    Is it a slap in the face of die-hard SF'ers? It can be seen as such. Was it a way to get a helluvamount of site traffic and promotion? Yup. Are people going to resell some stuff who aren't SF'ers or even tinkerers? Yup.. and that happens all through life.

  • Total came to about $112 I think.
    Well from the second Free day started until it ended, I was able to see the site a total of 4 times. Two of those times I was trying to get the checkout process started, and after a long wait and several refreshes, it just pushed me back to the main website and logged me out. This isn't counting the timeouts or denials. Two other times it was just trying to finish loading the HTML but never completed.
    I tried using 4 different networks, two of them right from a console on fiber backbones, but never saw more than a few lines of HTML. I knew the servers were the bottlenecks themselves, just hoped the fiber would aid in some small way haha.
    Am I mad? Nope, I had a great time trying. I wasn't out anything, and to be honest none of us were, even the people I've seen who said "I based my whole college thesis project on these parts" or "I planned months on a project and needed these parts now FML". I'm sorry, that's a bunch of crap. (cont)

  • I read a bunch of comments on here, hating SF, loving SF, and everything in between. Let me first say, I've never been a prior customer of SF. However, I have always checked the website and looked at all the great things I wanted to buy to further a project, start a project or learn something new. I don't believe in registering for a commerce site unless I'm going to buy something, which is why I didn't have an account until the day before Free Day.
    Always wanted to get an Arduino to help me on some of my "I wish I could do this" projects, and to prototype with. In fact, I want to build a homebrew underwater ROV just for the heck of it since I live near some bodies of water, and wanted the brains of it to be an Arduino Mega.
    I heard about Free day a month back, and kept waiting eagerly. Created an account for the first time the other night, put a couple things in my shopping cart (Arduino Mega, some RGB led's I needed, and an Arduino Duemilanove. (continued)

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