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  • I looked through all the product links, but I didn't see an actual pinout for this particular product. They're not labeled on the board itself; am I missing something obvious?

  • The datasheet doesn't say which is pin 1, but it's in the lower left corner. Pin 16 is in the upper left corner.

  • While I really like this LCD, I've discovered that it has a nasty habit of trying to power itself off the serial data line when the power (5V line) is disconnected. This overloads the output pin on my controller, usually rendering an $8 chip inert.
    I checked my circuit for any obvious problems, but it's pretty hard to get confused when you're only dealing with three wires and one of them's unplugged.

  • I can't believe I got through - thank you guys!
    My two PicAxe chips + DS18B20 temperature sensors are going into automating the air vents in our house, hopefully saving hundreds every month in energy costs.
    The LCD screen will go on the controller board for my homemade aeroponics tank, which is already producing tomatoes and helping to clean the planet's air.
    The hall effect sensors will be used to replace the reed-switch design in a keyboard I made to withstand the heavy wear and tear of producing Braille material for the blind.
    The Arduino USB board will be used to program Atmega 168 chips, which I will use to turn a set of broken toys into a programmable robot lab for a local elementary school.
    I know you're getting a lot of flak here, but I want you all to know that these parts will be used well to help children learn, the disabled read, and make a significant dent in one household's carbon footprint.

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