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  • Product COM-12028 | about 3 weeks ago

    I ended up buying some 30A 5V power supplies (and very happy with them) PS1-150W-05 from circuit specialists. I also put automotive fuses on the power lines to protect against shorts. Eventually I will add a current sensor and relay to have the arduino shut things off if the current spikes over the normal.

    The strips can get warm to the touch when driving at full brightness even when powered at the start and end of the strip. Voltage drop into the center is just a bit under 4v, so Ideally I think you would power ever 2.5m. I used mine in a lot of animations so they rarely were at full brightness so I didn’t worry about them.

  • Product COM-12026 | about 6 months ago

    How much current is safe to run through the strip? If I get a 20A power supply to run a 5m strip, how often (how may meters) should I connect power?

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