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  • As a server administrator who is familiar with the technology and having run very high-traffic e-commerce web sites, I am confounded by how incapable SF's servers were in the wake of this promo.
    You had months to prep, and from the looks of your resources, they should have easily handled the traffic. It's also quite unusual that as soon as the promo expired, the web site was accessible.
    It looks to me like you throttled down the number of active Apache child processes to slow the web server down during the promo, and I think you did so WAY BELOW the threshold of what your servers could handle.
    In all likelihood, it was probably 1100 orders taken, and you have FIVE SERVERS and it took AN HOUR AND A HALF to handle 1100 orders? It just doesn't make sense.
    I don't care about the free stuff, but I am perplexed. I've built systems that could handle much more with less resources, so what did you guys do?

  • Five servers and it took you almost 2 hours to handle what was probably 1000 or so transactions? So you needed five physical servers and 10Mb of bandwidth and still you could only process one order every 6 seconds at best?
    You guys should fess up. You throttled the web server to drag the promo period on for much longer.

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