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  • The mount is designed for a DeWalt DWP611 router, but with some work, you could mount any tool you like. Modifications have included drag knifes, pens, hot wire cutters, and laser engravers/cutters.

  • Since Sparkfun is apparently not interested in replying to its potential customers, I'll reply. The mechanical kit is pretty much identical to Carbide's basic kit (not the XL or XXL), so the working area will be identical. I don't know where you got the differing values. Sparkfun's kit includes their own controller, however. Carbide Create does not work with Sparkfun's controller. I believe Carbide said at one point that they'd make a compatible version, but that's likely fallen by the wayside. There are a plethora of free and paid programs compatible with Sparkfun's Shapeoko, however. There is much information on the Shapeoko wiki and forums.

    P.S. Check out prior reviews of the Shapeoko3 by clicking "previous versions" up there under the price.

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