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  • I didn’t get anything, though I wasted 2 hours trying. I’m not upset, but I am annoyed after reading this blog post. I am sure it was a rousing success for generating publicity. But “We were effectively under a self-inflicted denial of service attack but pages loaded, albeit slowly!” seems a little too optimistic. Yes you self-inflicted a DOS attack. And your site failed it! Your pages loaded with a chance of 1 in a 1000. The fact that you guys think you did well is what floors me. Google Analytics is not a good guide. My frustration has nothing to do with not getting anything, but with the quote “Nice job IT.” If you acknowledged your failings, and said “Oh well IT,” I would have smiled with you.
    You seem to have paid a price for your success. I am sure Shawn is not the minority here. There were a lot of people that feel used by SF. Right or wrong, that’s a cost.
    I now have a pavlovian association of page won’t load and SparkFun. Probably not what you were going for.

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