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  • At Sparkfun, we make our geeks strong enough to bite the heads of many other birds than just your run-of-the-mill geek who only does chickens.

  • Great job! Michigan robot FTW!

  • Dammit! I wouldn’t have chosen these tight gold pants if I knew loose-fitting white body suits were acceptable!

  • See the response I posted to mark above…

  • I used “Arduino D… or Nano with …328” for the selected board. Makre sure you have the FTDI drivers installed and have selected the COM port under the Arduino tools menu, Serial Port submenu. Then, to actually get my BBAC and FTDI basic to program my chip, I had to program the arduino is “verbose” upload mode (hold down shift while hitting the programming button) AND I had to hit the reset button on the breadboard very quickly as soon as I saw text appear on the console, then I can upload.