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  • Exactly what I needed! Any idea what kind of battery life I might get out of this? Or charging time?

  • Agreed! I would love to be able to do this with custom designs, but lack access to the proper equipment.

  • Someone already said this on the Day 1 class, but I figured I'd repeat it because YESPLZ:
    I would happily, happily pay a fee to be able to take this class online. I know it'd be video, so there wouldn't be someone right there to tell me what I'm doing wrong, but it's hard to learn this stuff from books and I can't get to SparkFun every time I want to take a class. Pleasepleaseplease consider an online version of the classes you offer, for those of us not lucky enough to be located near SparkFun?

  • YES PLEASE. A satellite SparkFun outpost in Los Angeles would also be acceptable :)