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  • I came here to ask the same question. I even subscribed to his youtube channel hoping I would see an update, but no :(

  • That GPS wall clock needs some cable management. Those hanging wires make me feel like Louise Belcher

  • It’s too bad you guys didn’t use a reverse mount switch. Then you could add numbers on the silkscreen and get the board to fit in a hammond box or similar standard sized box. You could even sell it as an intro to SMD kit and have a nice piece of test gear.

  • The thing I like is you can have companies create hardware and software for the phone. On thing I heard about is being able to swap out your camera for a thermal camera. Given that FLIR has made a thermal imaging camera for iphone, the technology might be there to shrink it enough to fit in one of those slots.

    But what I find most amazing is the time line for the Ara phone. A lot of this technology used to make the Ara possible is being worked on as we speak, including the production 3D printer for the cases. They want to have all of that done by 2015.

  • I like the modesty at the end “or even bleed into tomorrow”…I think we all know it won’t bleed in to tomorrow.

  • Can you connect an LCD to it to display the song info?

  • From an electronics standpoint, what a useless article. But from a long time customer standpoint, what an amazing article to read. This is why I can never see myself not as a Sparkfun customer, the closeness you make me feel as a member of the Sparkfun family member and the transparency from a company is so refreshing and makes me glued to the jobs page, hoping to see an opening for another electrical engineer.

  • As a member from one of the schools that was there, Sparkfun has absolutely played a large role in developing our nanosatellite.

  • I was actually in Boulder at the end of June for a balloon launch as part of the student hands on training for a nanosatellite competition that’s sponsored by the AFRL. We had two cameras in it and here’s a video of our launch:

    we reached a little over 85,000 ft, which is a huge thanks to Sparkfun because we got our Arduino, SD Shield, GPS shield, and temperature sensors from here.

  • does anyone know what the maximum altitude is for this receiver?

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