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  • I have a problem with mine as it seems to only deliver 3.6 (V) with 5(V) selected and 2.7 (V) with 3.3 (V) selected.
    Also note that I am using a TOL-00298 9VDC 650mA wall adapter and I am still not getting the desired output??
    Any suggestions??

  • i am trying to find HID firmware for this and I checked their webpage and there is nothing there...
    anyone know where to find this?

  • Okay. So I used a HL-340 Serial to USB converter with windows 7, and I was able to program my PIC 16F628A Microcontroller.
    Also, I DID NOT use ICProg, but instead had to make a custom program, to program the chip.
    So if you want to get this programmer, as I said earlier, make sure you have a computer with serial port if you do not want to go through the hassle of building your own program for the programmer.
    ICProg does not support USB communication at all.

  • okay, after testing for 3 hours, despite what the warning said, I tried the serial cable and tried simulating the com port but it so happens that ICProg will not recognize the virtual com port.
    So if you are getting this programmer, make sure you have a computer that has a serial connection, otherwise just get a different programmer.

  • If you want to use a RS232 to USB cable, it can work. Get a RS232 to USB cable that has COM port retention. The cheap ones usually don't and that is why they don't work. When you connect to the USB port, you want the USB port to act like a COM as it used to for old legacy devices.
    These cables are usually more expensive ranging from $20 - $40.
    I cannot guarantee you that it will work for you as I have yet to test it out. I'll let you guys know if it does work or if anyone tests it out before me, let others know if it works or not.

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