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  • Leave it to the masses to be mad about free stuff. Can't make everyone happy. I haven't won yet, but at least this year is fair. Nothing to do with being close to CO, or the fastest connection, etc. Just pure luck sent from the heavens. For all those getting upset and quiting, here's to you. You're giving the rest of us more time (and chances) to get the prize. :) Congratulations Sparkfun!!

  • It seems to me the Nest would be better to use an 'equalization cycle' of the fan (R-G) to get it's power. By running the fan for 5-10 minutes every so often would keep the batteries topped up and help keep the house temperature even throughout.

  • After over two hours of F5 and answering the same question CONFIDENTLY many times, it finally looked hopeful, but instead of getting the $10 bucks I got the 'Pencils Down' message! I'm glad schools don't work this way or we would all be lucky to work a simple TV remote. 2 years in a row I've wasted my time with this joke. Congrats to those who got a few bucks, but I'm done.

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