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  • Do You have any plans to get other colors? That way I can make Pac-man (out of highly reflective yellow) and the ghosts. or red so that I can cut a glowing Sparkfun logo?

  • Just NEVER do this one again. I am fine with not winning, but not having to enter hundreds of random characters. Also do not guarantee the number of winners and that they will get a certain amount.

    Also the banner at the top never updated for me.

  • It cannot be safely used with 802.3af, because the power source decides what pins to send power over (4/5 & 7/8 or 1/2 & 3/6), not the powered device.

  • They are "JST Vertical Connector - Through-Hole 2-Pin"
    Sparkfun has a Right-Angle model that you might be able to bend the leads to make it vertical.

  • "The vetical thread is just plain cotton thread, and the conductive trace is on the backside. By 'jumping' the row over the conductive column, I avoid short circuits."

  • If this is a SPC-10010 do NOT cut the cable. It has ~26 gauge wire that is twisted with plastic fibers that makes the copper very delicate. Instead buy a extension cable to cut.

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