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  • I bought some of these for a non-arduino project, because naked 328s were out of stock (here and digikey and mouser and everywhere else). Turns out the arduino configuration sets the fuses to use an external oscillator. I was programming them in-circuit with an adafruit usbtiny, and my circuit had no external oscillator, so they were unprogrammable.
    A friend rescued my chips with his fancy-pants AVR-brand dev board (with oscillator). If you don't have one, you can use this circuit:
    In any case, this is a non-issue for people who (a) are using these with arduino, (b) are using them with a board that has an external oscillator, or (c) just order the factory-default chips, now that they're in stock again.

  • I tried using one of these to convert from 5V (atmega8) to 3.3V (SD card). The SD card almost replied, but was giving back 7-bit "bytes". We think the problem was that the 2.5V "high" level wasn't high enough for the SD cards we tested with. Replacing the RX channels with 3:2 resistor ladders (instead of the 1:1 ladder included on this device) cleared up the problem.<br />
    That means the only thing I ended up using from this device was a single TX channel, which would have been easier to do with discrete components.

  • The wedged servers are a cautionary tale for other site operators. As others have pointed out, it's silly to provision for the peak load on Free Day when you will see a tiny fraction of that traffic rate for the following year.
    There's an easy solution to this problem: bring your service up on Amazon's EC2 utility computing service. You can scale up hundreds of servers in minutes, pay $0.10/hour/server, then when the traffic drifts away, close them back down. It doesn't help with the centralized components (like the order database), but it would have been enough to let SparkFun weather this morning's self-inflicted storm without actually buying a big server farm.
    In any case, thanks to the SparkFun crew for trying such a wacky promotion.

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