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  • I was wondering, does it support 'Bluetooth Mesh' ? It's Bluetooth 5.0, right ? There is no mentioning of mesh anywhere !

  • What I did to power my Micro:bit :

    Option 1: Added a 1N4007 diode in series with LiPo Battery (+ switch ) for days long powering

    Option 2: Soldered a 4cm X 6cm Protoboard with male-header pins (slight bending is required to align) beneath the Micro:bit PCB to protect the sensors and added a CR2032 battery holder on the other side of that protoboard for portable power. It's breadboard friendly now with all the SPI, I2C, ADC and some GPIO connections ( excluding the pins which are tied to the LED matrix display)

    Additional Info : Current draw @ 3V : 7-8 mA when display active, 1-2 mA when not

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