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  • Enumerating USB devices on windows takes so long because it tries checking windows update for new drivers EVERY TIME! There is a setting to prioritize local drivers THEN search windows update. It drops the time to enumerate from 30+ seconds to 2. We made it a group policy at work and now life is sweet. Check it out: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2500967 (for windows 7). It doesn’t address the issue of running out of COM port numbers, but hopefully you will find this information useful.

  • FYI: The joystick format in Roving Networks HID User Manual is incorrect (as of revision 1.1r) The correct format is: 0xFD|6|X1|Y1|X2|Y2|Buttons|Buttons

    This means you can actually do up to 16 buttons instead of 8.