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  • One of the biggest for me was that electrons don’t move at the speed of light! Prior to that realization, when trying to understand current and voltage, I thought that if electrons always move at the speed of light then the only thing you could vary would be the number of electrons, so was that current or voltage? And how was the other manifest?

    Not sure why I needed to understand the underlying mechanism, but a lot of things started to fall in place after that.

  • What does this display do when there is a noisy signal on the composite input? Does it display the noise or does it show a blue/black screen? The latter is a deal breaker for controlling RC rovers/aircraft via wireless video link.

    It would also be nice to know what the lag is between the signal input and the display on screen, but that’s harder to test.


  • Thank you! That worked great for me as well. This is my first experience with Xbees and I was hitting a brick wall until I found this.

  • I’d be interested in seeing how many people clicked to take the quiz but never got far enough to answer any questions… (despite hours of trying, myself included) but it was still fun to have the chance and I love you guys. Thanks for doing this!

  • “We are working on a breakout board and will have it available shortly after you actually needed it.” -classic!

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