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James McI

Member Since: January 7, 2010

Country: United States

  • Side by side, from what I could gather:

    • Seek 7.3um to 13 um
    • FLIR 8um to 14um
    Angle of View
    • Seek 36deg (assuming diagonal)
    • FLIR 63.5
    Temperature range
    • Seek -40C to 330C
    • FLIR -273C to >127C (0K to >400K)
    Temperature Resolution
    • Seek no data
    • FLIR .1C/.18F
    Sensor Resolution
    • Seek 206 x 156 Array
    • FLIR 80 x 60 Array
    • Seek TBD - Planned but as of yet unreleased
    • FLIR (well this is a dev kit listing)

    Other specs, such as data speeds and such are as of yet unreleased for the Seek sensor, so I cannot comment.

    The most important bit here is that you are paying for a raw, fast speed serial connection on a minimal breakout board without any extra processing circuitry to make things work for phones. Personally, I would buy this to give a robot some thermal imagining or to have full control over the data I am given.