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  • Guys, regarding Eagle and licenses. Why don’t you give a shot to Kicad? The latest vesion from SVN is pretty good. Free, you do can make money with your design I think, and no limitations in board size, layers etc. May not be as polished as Eagle but I found it much more easier to use than Eagle.I use Eagle too :)) but sincerely I took me at least double the dime to get the feel of Eagle compared to Kicad. Plus it has 3D visualization out of box and there are quite a few libraries around, creating footprints is really a breeze (there is a small Java tool available called footprintbuilder). And lately they added a decent autorouter , which I never used so no idea how good it is.
    Downsides: SVN version … it may crash from time to time … but nothing that hitting often “CTRL+S” wold not solve :)) .. a crash or two a day not that bad for hobby work.

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