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  • Okay I read that nrfutil has to make the zip file first. I have no idea if this is right because there are two hex files in the github but I tried:

    nrfutil pkg generate --application sfe_nrf52832_dfu.hex sfe_bootloader.zip --hw-version 52 --sd-req 0x80 --application-version 4

    and then the dfu command was happy with that zip but it is upset about my serial port.

  • I've prototyped with the breakout board and now I spun a custom board. I am trying to upload the bootloader to it and am pretty lost.

    I downloaded nrfutil on ubuntu. I have both a STlinkV2 and a serial adapter. It seems nrfutil is just meant to communicate over serial. I also tried using the Android nrfconnect app to do dfu but do not see the device. Will it broadcast as a blank chip? Do I need to do some fancy reset?

    So in nrfutil in the command line I typed

    nrfutil dfu serial -pkg sfe_nrf52832_dfu.hex -p ttyUSB0 -b 115200

    The output was: not a zip file. Where do I get a zip file?


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