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  • Since you can't solder a 0.1" two pin header into the staggered 3.3 and 5v power and ground pins, what I did was cut off six pins of a double row break away header, and then remove the eight pins that don't correspond to the holes. This left four pins that fit perfectly into the board. Unfortunately I don't think SparkFun sells 0.1" double row break away headers (too bad, they should, they're handy to have around). But you could probably use two rows of single row headers instead.

  • Another vote for Fry's. I live near Phoenix, where there is a Fry's about 10 miles from me, but there are no Micro Centers in Arizona.

  • Like many others, I had my cart all filled, was already logged in and pressed Checkout right at 09:00:00 MST. I'm practically "next-door" in Arizona and never got through to the next page until seconds after the $100K was reached (lots of timeouts and blank pages).
    As others have suggested, I think this should have been run as a "Customer Appreciation Free Day" and only limited to previous customers.
    1000 successful orders in approx. 105 minutes = 9.5 orders/minute, or only one order processed every 6.3 seconds. Earlier I was guessing you'd be able to process at least an order every second. You may want to get a refund on your new servers.
    Looking forward to seeing the stats.

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