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  • I'm wrestling with this at the moment - my inverter runs 9-12V and the I'm pretty sure the arduino can't push that much voltage. That said, I haven't tried using a 9V DC wall wart to power the arduino. That's next.
    I expect that simply directly powering the inverter without arduino control would either accomplish nothing (insufficient power through the triacs?), or could destroy your inverter if power isn't being fed to the el wire at all. Be careful with that.

  • Erm - I take a bunch of this back having finally reviewed my comment on the shield.
    The fit issues were entirely stupidity on my part - I was eyeballing the barrel jack and USB jack before adding the headers. Everything fits just fine. Sorry about that! >.<
    Acquiring the appropriate JST connectors to through-hole was a bit of a chore, but they fit just fine into the board at the base of the SMT JSTs.

  • I haven't delved into the schematics for my new danger shield yet, but (apart from the shift register which I have yet to solder onto the board,) the temperature sensor seems to be nonfunctional when attached per the stencil on the PCB. All other components appear to be working as expected.

  • Upon simply unboxing, this is a frustrating shield:
    1: no built-in (or included) headers for attaching to an existing arduino. There is a note in the user's guide that headers will need to be soldered into place, but I certainly didn't read the guide in detail prior to ordering with an eye toward uncovering missing required components.
    2: the board is too wide by millimeters to fit over a standard arduino barrel jack.
    3: the board is too wide at the flare to fit over a USB arduino's USB jack. This appears to be so for the sake of maintaining symmetry of the board at the expense of functionality.
    4: this likely has more to do with my el wire supplier and less to do with sparkfun, but the connectors on the board to not match the connectors supplied by my el wire vendor.
    Please update product info page to indicate:
    1: that appropriate headers must be acquired before the shield can be mounted on a standard arduino. Better yet, just include the bloody things in the shipment for an extra two bucks.
    2: the size of the JST connectors pre-soldered onto the shield.

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