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  • Jet turbine: everything is hackable if you are brave enough.

  • In "Dimensional Drawing" document, it is stated at 1.5mm2 ~ 14 to 16 AWG

  • According to tps61200 datasheet, the max current we can source from it is "600 mA Output Current at 5 V (VIN ≥ 3 V)". Is it possible to improve this max current? Thanks.

  • After some tries, it worked on a 3.3V system. No need logic level converters. Make sure the reset pin of the SM130 is set to 0! Otherwise, the module stay in reset state.

  • Hello, I used this RFID module with the RFID shield on my Arduino and it works perfectly. Now, I'd like to use it an a custom board which is 3.3V. My first intention is to use logic levell converters, but if I could save this parts, it would be great. Does anybody tried to use this module on 3.3V voltage? Thanks,

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