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  • An absolute bargain at only 5.5 times the cost of buying the exact same component in single-unit quantities from digikey and/or mouser ($1.95 versus $0.35) ... or if you buy in lots of 100, you get an even better deal at 7.9 times the cost of the same order. $156 for 100 from SparkFun, $19.70 for 100 from digikey.

    Come on SF, add VALUE, not just COST.

  • When I first saw this, I honestly thought it was a joke. Something along the lines of "Arduino, now powered by the Intel Core i7."
    But on second thought, I mean, Visual Basic is a very capable language, and perhaps learning C for doing embedded design can be a daunting task for some people. So if you have the resources and you don't want to be forced to learn something new, then hey, why not?
    So now for my next embedded project, I'm going to have to decide whether to go with another $4 ATMega chip or a $75 FEZ Domino. I mean, it is a 100% Microsoft workflow... but on the other hand, that's a of cheezburgers.

  • Yeah. Don't rub it in.
    I was re-submitting the "Submit this order to try the Free Day discount!" button from the time it was $35k all the way to the end.
    And... Fail. :(
    Sparkfun, you lost my heart.

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