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  • solution here :,53555.0.html

  • I have juste received this arduino mini.
    !!!!!!!!It uses ATmeg328(not at168)!!!!!!!!!!!!. I'm not able to program it with the miniUSB DEV-08165 and arduino software.
    BoardMini with AT328 SParkfun and bootloader:LED on pin 13 flash sending on “Eror on Pin 2-3” at 38400 bauds.
    Board USB-to TTL : Sparkfun, here DEV-08165
    Software arduino 0022. I choose many different board in menu board configuration. I add a 100nF from miniboard reset PIN to USB TTL adaptater pin "DTR" :no sucess, no upload.
    I’m not able to have more than "upload starting"
    Please, what is the exact programming configuration hard and soft ?
    These arduino with 328 is closed to the Pro Mini 328 5V setting. I'have try It with same schematic and reset feature on DTR : no result.
    Next step : change the bootloader . I'm waiting a tinyUsb for that...

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