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  • I'd just heard of SparkFun from on freenode because of FreeDay. I learned of the Bus Pirate; and even had about $130 in cart.
    FreeDay came, so -flood- for the site. As my first order, things of course went wrong. Suggestions:
    1) Put an entire order, shipping methods, address, credit card info, and any constraints (like must get the up to $100 discount for freeday) in a single HTTP GET uri API.
    2) A dry-run option for training and info validation (could be abused so only logged in account with logged attempts and some choke limit).
    3) I reduced my order to core items, and noticed that I could have gone to a page that had #1's info but was part of the order process. Add a checkbox/entry 'Only Place order if at least $X could be free'; then just that final to next page transition could be hammered. It would also let potential customers get that page loaded up in the before FreeDay opened and then just retry one page.

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