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  • Thanks for the opportunity for some free stuff. I wasn’t lucky enough to get past the last page of the checkout however I tried. Congratulations to those who did.
    The still was a fun exercise and it made me think about what I really needed Vs what I wanted and I had a really good look around the sparkfun web site. There are some things that I never thought would be useful to me that now I realize would be. I will be placing an order for those jumper leads shortly.
    The 7th was my Birthday too although it was the next day (3AM) here in Australia.
    Now there is no way I am going to moan and spark about missing out on free stuff. I would suggest that maybe there might be better systems to consider if you ever do this insane exercise again. However just the way it is has its own fun and charm and let’s not try to be to clinical to the point of losing that.
    Thanks again guys for the opportunity.
    All the Best,
    Jim Robertson

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