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  • Fine for charging but as hazmat stated, this is adding stubs to the transmission lines. I have a hard time believing signal integrity is preserved with this, especially with USB High Speed. :|

  • Voltages in a circuit are specified relative to ground. Ground isn't really at "zero volts", it's just at zero volts relative to other voltages in the circuit.<br />
    It's perfectly possible to have a voltage lower than ground, which would be considered negative. In fact, it used to be commonplace to use so-called "dual supplies" or "split supplies" in electronics designs, where you had positive and negative rails, like +12V and -12V. This is still common in some analog circuitry, though usually they just center signals at half the supply voltage.

  • Checked their website, can't find any answers:
    How many bits per sample??
    What is the sample storage depth?
    I'm assuming they're not storing the samples on the computer when any significant sample rate is used, given that USB has a max throughput of 480Mbit/s, and after protocol overhead you have even less. So, we have:
    200MSample/s * n bits/Sample < 480Mbit/s
    That would mean at maximum sample rate, the bits per sample is no more than 2. So, what's the sample storage?
    Neat stuff though, and a nice price for the features..
    - Eric Agan

  • If you're doing any kind of reflow soldering on your boards for SMD, I'd think you could just leave a hole in the paste stencil for that pad, a good blob of solder should create a nice clean "bump" which the holder will push the battery against. Though I can see how these could certainly be a pain without that.

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