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  • I'm going to chime in late here; I build robots from the prototyping board and H-Bridge up but I still enjoy what I can throw together with a Mindstorms NXT or VEX. These are another step up but I agree that it's not yet a way to build "practical" robots. What they are is a way to make those lines of code and pin assignments "real" - I can't get a child or even most adults to really understand that a gate or an if statement is actually embodied in a microns-sized set of transistors and other etched components, but here is the actual logic or bus connection brought to life at a scale that I can show, perceive and touch. Yes the scale means that a program of typical complexity is impractical but these, LIttleBits and Cubelets are a great intro and they're all starting to offer "gateway" modules: integrated Arduinish components.

  • Sparkfun: please update or mark the "Changing the OS" page as deprecated. The archive that you link to for the image doesn't have the files that you claim will be in there, Livesuit doesn't compile on a current Ubuntu and the PCDuino home page has instructions that conflict with yours.

  • Does anyone actually have this working? When I plug mine in, whether or not I bring up the wlan0 interface, I get the following log entries in dmesg every few seconds

    dweeno kernel: [ 5768.434503] AsicAdjustTxPower: Incorrect desired TSSI or current TSSI
    dweeno kernel: [ 5772.433640] GetDesiredTssiAndCurrentTssi: BBP TSSI INFO is not ready. (BbpR47 = 0x94)
  • I have a successfully patched TCP/IP stack for the rev.B boards - contact me (PM on the Forum] if you need a copy and cannot get it. [FYI -- The patch that Olimex supplies does not work with the currently posted TCP/IP stack from Microchip]

  • Since 2 people have it working, I'll accept that my completely dead one is due to something I did wrong.
    I have installed what was included and added the D4 jumper, but I don't even get a backlit LCD. Some of the voltages described in the troubleshooting guide are correct and some aren't.
    Tesla: Thanks for the top about jumper@D4 which led me to realize that there may be other parts than what's in the kit.
    Are there any other not-included parts that are needed? Specifically - my parts did not include any hardware for jumpers, are there any that are needed?

  • Does anyone have the rev.B board working? I cannot get the patch applied and in the forum, no one seems to be able to.

  • What OS is the included software for? What [other?] development software can be used?

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