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  • It's not that I didn't win, it's that I didn't get a chance to win at all. There's no chance to win if it wasn't talking to the server. There's really no point of talking to my own local javascript program all day long. The "-1" is marked for "not logged in". "1" was for win and "-2" is "bad captcha" anything else happens and it just says "Try Again - (random message message here)". So if check.php returned anything else you wouldn't know if it actually got a response from the server or not. I like the comment in the code "try again; make it look like it did something" - and that's exactly what it did all day, looked like it was doing something.

  • Bad coding on your part. You had it set so if the check.php did anything other than send a 1 or -1 then it said to try again. Why didn't you check for a proper response from check.php ? If it doesn't hit your server it would say to try again like everything is OK like actually checked in. So all day long I sat here and worked the CAPTCHA against my local javascript code and never hit the server at all! If I had a indication that I wasn't talking to your server then I may have been able to do something, switch browsers or something. Bad coding.. The money thing at top never updated so I had to refresh. Others had that same problem. At one point I logged out and tried the CAPTCHA again and it just said try again like everything is OK, so WTF? The CAPTCHA worked OK because it would fail if I messed up. After the money was gone I could still keep going which shows you it wasn't talking to your servers. You were not testing your servers you were testing googles. Thanks for waisting a whole day I could have been productive.

  • Will I be able to use the PIC-PG1 to program this board? It is the PIC18F67J60, this chip isn't listed in the ICPROG program. Anything else compatible? Open source solutions? The PIC-PG1 says it works "with all Olimex PIC Development boards", so it's electrically correct? Any suggestions are appreciated.

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