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  • Whoops. Sorry, that was supposed to go under the quoted post, not be made as a new one.

  • Nobodyadifferentone:
    I don't think anybody said or even implied anything about a "god-given right to free stuff"; that is a complete strawman._
    No, it's not - at best, it's an exaggeration. The point still stands - some posters seem to think they're entitled to something for nothing, and that they've been wronged in some way because they didn't get it.

  • Exactly.
    It's like someone driving to a busy supermarket in the world's largest, fastest car, then expecting to be able to jump the checkout queue.
    Extending the analogy, those of you pressing refresh continually are effectively getting bored partway through the queue, leaving it, and joining the back of another one.

    1. "I was one of the lucky ones. Thanks SparkFun!"
      This is the category I fall into, so I realise it's easy for me to take the moral high horse, if that's not mixing too many metaphors. SparkFun didn't have to give away $100k worth of kit; and when they did, it's a bit rich to complain at them at all when you're not paying them. It's not as if they've taken anything from you. You've lost nothing besides an hour or so of clicking and waiting, and nobody forced you to do that.
      Anyway, rant over, as I've already invented a category 7: "My comment is so huge I had to spread it over three posts to get the comment system to accept it."
    1. "The servers were down/crashing/broken!"
      Not as far as I could tell. I got a couple of "request timed out" errors, but I found that if I clicked on the button to go to the next step and waited, after about five minutes it'd duly go to the next step. And for those of you using the words "crash" and "down", I'm not sure you know what they mean. If the web server had actually crashed and stopped listening for connections, I'd have got "connection refused". I didn't, although I can't speak for anyone else - maybe I was just lucky. Yes, it was very, very slow, but what do you expect when a website gives away $100,000 worth of kit?
    2. "The people who got their $100 of goodies are probably just the ones who are going to flog it on eBay."
      Again, I can't speak for the other thousand-odd people who got free stuff, but this certainly doesn't apply to me. I fully intend to build things with it.
  • Looks like most of the post-free-day comments fit into one of the following categories.
    1. "I didn't get to place my order. What a joke! We've all got it into our heads that we've a god-given right to free stuff, and SparkFun have cheated us!"
    We'll just ignore this lot.
    2. "I didn't get to place my order, but thanks for running this promotion anyway."
    Fair play to this lot.
    3. "I didn't get to place my order even with my enormously high-bandwidth internet connection!"
    This is like complaining you didn't win any prizes in a raffle even when you brought a large bag to carry them home in. The speed of your internet connection doesn't matter; you'd have had as much chance on dialup. No matter how fast your internet connection is, if the backlog is such that SparkFun's servers take a few minutes to respond to every query, that's how long it'll take. This is determined by many factors, and the size of your phat pipe isn't one of them.

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