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  • Doing the Electric Slide, except on a table for greater potential

  • "I feel the need,... the need to stop smoking this weed,.. seriously, does anyone else see this wizard or am I tripping balls?"

  • It says hot rod but it's not even warm. :(

  • "....and that, children, is why plaid will always be better than tie dye."

  • I said 'hand me that chip', not 'hand me that chick'

  • pretty cool,.. the demo video shows how you can make a mellotron

    some suggestions: settings for allowing you to loop the wav when the key is trigger down. this would be good if you wanted to make an optogan type of instrument

    option for monophonic/polyphonic and to mute playback when the trigger is not pressed

    add a mic/aux in and ADC so you can sample sounds without having to use the computer,..this could work like a casio sk-1..it may be possible to have multiple samples loaded on one keyboard this way as well (you could tell it to sample for a specific key range, take the sample, then it changes the pitch(speed of wav playback?) for that range)

  • It's important to wait a while for your soldering iron to heat up before using it,...I turned this one on 3 days ago so It should be hot now

  • dinosaurs were actually very smart, they had electronics...but there's no record of this since they kept eating it all

    coincidentally this is how they went extinct

  • cool, and good job

    but what if you're cutting aluminum? magnets won't catch it,..maybe need some filters

  • either,.. but a chip would probably make it easier, more accurate, and take up less pins it might allow for 2d multitouch and sliders that you might not be able to do with the basic arduino library

    it may also need resistors and a flex cable connector or just a breakout to connect to an arduino or other board

    I know spectra symbol can make thin panels but they use tactile buttons and soft pots.. a flexible capacitive sensor panel would be cool because you could conceal it behind stuff like acrylic, something curved or odd shaped.

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