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  • buy things exclusively for the parts inside. spend forever tracking down a specific revision of a device because it's easier to hack. learn how to sew just so you can know when you've finished fixing an industrial sewing machine.

  • shoot, where did those parts from last time go? I should do something with them...

  • I love what you're doing with IoT, personally I'm being a bit more boring about it. I've got a house I'm fully outfitting with sensors and controls that will hopefully go to an openhab setup to control everything. I think it's great that each episode you're showing a different way of solving the problem (different microcontrollers, protocols, interfaces). Some of these ideas seem very well suited to hackerspaces, it would be cool to build big glowy clouds if I didn't hit my head on them when I walked around (warehouses tend to have taller ceilings).

  • I think I got one of these ding 'n dent, I'll have to dig it back up and use it/review it

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