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  • The Hydra & Gadgeteer rock! GHI support is the best anywhere.

  • I have a Boarduino that uses the ATMega328 PDIP version. I'm fairly new to Arduino and have a working project that I'd like to shrink down to a smaller PCB. Using this chip seems like a logical next step. However, I have no idea how to get my program on it. Is there possibly a ZIF type socket that I could plug into my Boarduino to do this? Is there a tutorial somewhere on how to program this chip w/o spending a ton on new programming hardware?

  • Best bang for the buck when it comes to NETMF boards! GHI support at tinyclr.com is the best anywhere.

  • I like the sound of this. Don't suppose you could post a quick sketch of how to wire up the fet for us beginners to use as a guide? Thanks!

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