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  • Code for Parallax Propeller is on the Parallax Forums use at least a 1K resistor between the propeller (3.3V) and the Echo Pin(5v). Measurements are accurate from the surface of the PCB! My code can be cleaned up a bit, but it works great. Sparkfun can use the code to make available on GitHub at their discretion.

  • I am interested in the same. After looking at the schematic, and board, I think the address pins are all left floating. I purchased a couple with the same intent and plan on soldering a wire wrap wire to the address pins so I can test this out. I wish the design would include a spot for a SMD DIP Switch or Jumper Block on the back, where there looks to be plenty of room, to assign the address more easily!

  • I am looking for this info as well and here is a link to what I've found so far. which links to Enhanced ShockBurst - ESB - Proprietary 2.4 GHz protocol

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