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  • I was really interested until I read that you have to use their specific socket, and that everything goes through their servers, and that the JTAG/any programming headers aren't exposed.

    Well, nevermind. Hopefully someone makes an alternative, because the SD card formfactor is an awesome idea.

  • Does the "Send help message" command just route the same message to a different contact, or does it do the same thing as the emergency button on the device?

    I'm trying to add a firefighter-type alarm feature, something I think spot messengers should have had since their inception.

    Basically, say you're hiking and pass out from heat exhaustion or something. Ordinarily, you're SOL. With this feature, it'd beep if it detects that you aren't moving. If it's been beeping for 15 minutes or so, it sends out that help signal.

    Can I still do this?

  • How much sound can this thing withstand? I mean, what's the maximum rating for sound pressure levels? The datasheet didn't mention it.

  • How bright are they? I don't need to know exact lumen figures, just somewhere from "bright enough to know when it's on" to "painful to look directly at in the dark".
    Would you be able to navigate a dark room with a lit up panel?
    I'm basically rebuilding tail lights on a car, and I want to know if I should go for these or a bunch of LEDs or something.

  • Was that a picture of mr T hanging from the cabinet at the end?

  • Right here:

  • Do you still lose a pin when breaking these apart, like on the other breakaway female headers? These definitely look like they break easier.

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