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  • A Fluke is something an industrial electrician can lug around through hell with him...trust his life to...and 30 years later; it's STILL taking the harshest treatment and is STILL the ONLY trusted meter for him.


    China manufacturer copies look, layout, color scheme of a meter you can trust. <crook. Sparkfun offers to help this crook flood the market with these imposters. rubs greedy palms together

    No real harm done. right?

    Another China, India or Malaysia manufacturer decides it's all fair game, why not just copy the Fluke name, as well - if you're gonna be a crook, do it right! Someone is permitted to flood the market with the counterfeit meters...take the money and run!

    An industrial electrician was charged full price for his new $589 Fluke meter. He loves it, he's proud. A good tool. Nice toy! it kills him. Who does his widow sue? Fluke says "We didn't make this thing!" His four year old daughter is now without a daddy. But the culprits made their buck!

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