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  • The (M) represents Maskworks. Just like (C) is for copyright. The (ON) is the equivalent to the Motorola M, but for the new company.

  • That part is indeed an NCP5318.
    The AG20 represents the internal die number for manufacturing and data management. The 01 represents the metal mask version (i.e. metal masks to create a family of parts from a base die.) And the -7 represents the die revision (i.e. it took 8 tries to get it right.)
    How or why this part found it's way into that package is hard to say. Most likely ON and Atmel use the same package vendor. They messed up at marking. Either 'scrapped' it at the site or sent it to Atmel. Atmel 'scraped' it when the whole lot failed. (Check for marks on the leads to determine if it when through a handler for testing.) At either of those scrap points someone probably went dumpster diving.

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