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  • You did a lot to beef things up, but I think you can go farther w/o breaking the bank. The good news is that infrastructure optimization usually requires little in the way of code change.
    You don’t mention memory/OS/DB; based on what I know, I’d spec this:
    OS - 64-bit Linux (ext4, noatime) or OpenSolaris (ZFS), with a decent swap.
    Memory - Double it.
    Add memcached servers - store session/shopping cart info, product catalogs, common or long db queries
    DB - Add indexes on columns in your where clauses. Do explain plans and tuning analysis to optimize long-running or commonly used queries. (Google for more).
    PHP optimizations - XCache and memcached (XCache is more important than ZendOptimizer)
    PHP API - Turn on (redundant) memcached servers and “static” page caching
    Test, do load and db analysis…
    With another 40-160 hours of work, you can be ready for almost anything, without major hardware expenditures (memcached servers can be cheap)….

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